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Once you become a mom, the status of your bag changes from precious and beautiful to spacious and handy! Being a mother is already a full-time job, and IF you’re a working mother, then your on-the-go essentials weigh more than your at-home essentials. You definitely need a large tote bag, a cross body bag or a handy leather backpack that would rest easily on your shoulders and provide ample space, pockets, and pouches for storing your tablet, your cell phone, plus your infant’s extra set of diapers, snacks, hankies and other necessary items.

Moreover, since you’re a working mom, style is something you CANNOT compromise on. In this case, a dream handbag would be something that not only looks beautiful but is just as functional and convenient.

Luckily, we have compiled here a list of 7 perfect handbags for working moms that would allow you to enjoy convenience, without letting go of your fashion sense.


With a padded strap for more comfort, this SC Bag designed by Sofia Coppola in collaboration with Louis Vuitton is a perfect fit for your working-mom persona.

Combining style, functionality, and refinement, this bag is ideal for daily work use. Your work as a mom will never be over, but at least you can step being your trendy self! With ample space and extra pockets for your work/mommy essentials, this bag is perfectly handy and entirely gorgeous.


Who would say no to a genuine leather bag? La Poet Hamstead Tote Bag is all the rage amongst mommies, mainly because it’s made out of real pebbled leather and is available in a unique design and color. Not only that, it is one of the few popular designer leather bags for working moms that are functional for almost every occasion.

With multi-functional pockets, a zippered divider and a large zipper pocket as a storage option, the bag is perfect for carrying diapers, baby supplies, work folders, tablets, cellphone, charger and other work essentials. The flat bottom provides it a broader base that prevents it from tipping over.  A working mom can carry anything she needs everywhere, be it a work meeting or a play date with her toddler.  


Being a working mother means being always on the go! From work meetings to children’s play dates to meals and even the gym. A working mom is on a roll 27/7. This means carrying light, in style and being fully prepared with all the essentials (and some spares just in case). A bag definitely worth mentioning here is CARAA’s Studio Bag.

A brilliantly versatile bag with removable straps it fulfills the purpose of 3 bags in one- a tote bag, a cross body, and a backpack. A stylish nylon bag with leather trim, it has breathable pockets and compartments for baby essentials such as snacks, a ready to go change of clothing, a small pack of diapers. You can even add sports clothes for yourself, sports shoes as well as a large section designed especially for work items such as tablets, or a small laptop.

Valuables can also be squeezed in another specially designed part. It can be switched to a handbag when at the office and a backpack when carrying your infant or toddler.


The very sophisticated and functional Michael Kors Jetset leather bag is available in several colors to provide working moms more options to choose from. The 27cm by 30cm bag has a convenient zipper closure and logoed lining.

If you’re a single mother and are traveling alone with your child on a work trip, this bag is the PERFECT pick for you. With adjustable shoulder straps, the bag is spacious enough to fit your laptop, your folder, cellphone accessories, lunch box, portable coffee mug and a set of baby supplies. Not too large but roomy, this bag is the perfect travel bag for a tasteful working mom who wants to keep her things organized and within reach.


With beautiful leather trim, Longchamp Le Pliage is one of the best quality nylon designer bags for working moms. The leather trims are embossed which makes it water resistant and a perfect fit for an on-the-go mom.

Also, the interior is lined with several pockets providing spacious storage space for work supplies such tablets, folders, laptops, stationary, etc. and another section that can be used for baby essentials. With an 18 inch strap, the bag can easily be carried over the shoulders. It’s washable, and super lightweight quality makes it an excellent purchase that would complement your work attire too! The top zip has a snap flap closure for easy folding and storage.


We all know that a wardrobe essential for a working mother is a tote bag! It’s mostly lightweight, easy to carry and has sufficient space to store in as many essentials as needed. One such bag that one can never go wrong with is Rebecca Minkoff’s leather medium unlined tote bag. The shape and style exude a classic feel while the studs refresh the look by giving it an added edge.

Besides being super gorgeous, the bag is just as functional too. With abundant space on the interior for all the baby supplies and work essentials, the bag also has a detachable interior pouch for all personal valuables. The raw leather lining on the interior makes the bag super easy to clean, hence, making it perfect to be used around a kid.

So stop carrying two bags to work! Pick a bag from this list and step out looking put-together and totally in style.

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